Reading slowly

Should I tell you this blog will be one of the worst ever made ?

I don’t even know if a main line will be followed, I just guess I’ll talk about the books I’m reading, the IT problems I got and resolve or even worst: my life !

I’ve a strange way of reading, I noticed that even if the universe produced by the author becomes very familiar, even if it becomes a nice place where flying to whenever we want… this place stops existing at the end of the book.

I also noticed that one of my favorite moments in books are the long travels. Strange! I feel lucky to live when it takes less then a day to go wherever we want and I enjoy more than all to read the long stories that couldn’t be so long with a mobile phone and airports everywhere.

My conclusion came when reading Musashi, a japonese roman written by Yoshikawa Eiji:

I have to read several books in the same time! that’s the only way to make this universes slow down. It’s was so sad to read many years of a great life in such few days… My favorite moment to switch books became the long journeys between 2 events.

Trust me, that’s was one of the best choices of my life. But it must not be hard to understand that it’s very nice to keep reading a wonderful book 1 month instead of 1 week… I must be like sex: the longer…

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