Happy new year

For the new year I invited some friends at home (we were 11).

I was sure that 2am would be the end of the night, but at 6am everybody was still noisy and never thinking about living my house ^_^ I was proud to think that, after all, I was not so old… only the next day I understood where the difference is when older…. going to bed at 7:30 = 3 days off !

What surprised me was that nobody drank any alcohol or cigarette (or any prohibed substence). It was not on purpose, I was the first surprised. What a nice news: we can have a wonderful long night without any of these horrible things…

One thought on “Happy new year”

  1. I can tell that your position over light drugs has won my respect. Keep going that way in 2008 and I promise you’ll see the very best this year.

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