IPad 3G in China

I wanted to use the 3G connection of my iPad in China. After “visiting” the 3 big companies in Shanghai, I can say they don’t sell data subscription for less than one year and unlimited does not exist.

I also have bought (180 yuan) a SIM card from China Mobile. I noticed that I can go on the internet. I noticed the APN was “cmnet”.
Then I tried successfully to use the China Mobile SIM card you can buy everywhere for less then 10€.

I will have to refund it once empty, but I’ll comment that post then. I think I will have to plug the SIM card back in a real mobile phone.

Of course I had to cut the SIM card to the micro SIM size.

I was connected to China Mobile and just added APN Settings :
APN name : cmnet
Login : (empty)
Password : (empty)

One thought on “IPad 3G in China”

  1. In China, if you are not in the same province where you bought your SIM Card, you pay for Roaming as if you where abroad !
    So I could use my SIM Card (from Shanghai) only 10MB in Beijing.

    Now back in Shanghai, I have put the SIM back in my Mobile Phone and rechaged it.

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