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Saut en parachute impossible :(


Il y a huit ans (avec l’accroissement de l’activité aérienne commerciale et la multiplication des aéroports), l’aviation civile a décrété qu’elle n’autoriserait plus de largages parachutistes réguliers à aucun club dans un rayon de 120 km de moyenne autour de Paris.

Et mince, non seulement je dois rouler 2h pour trouver un centre mais en plus ils sont fermés jusqu’au printemps !! grrrr c’est nul je voulais sauter moi…

Happy new year

For the new year I invited some friends at home (we were 11).

I was sure that 2am would be the end of the night, but at 6am everybody was still noisy and never thinking about living my house ^_^ I was proud to think that, after all, I was not so old… only the next day I understood where the difference is when older…. going to bed at 7:30 = 3 days off !

What surprised me was that nobody drank any alcohol or cigarette (or any prohibed substence). It was not on purpose, I was the first surprised. What a nice news: we can have a wonderful long night without any of these horrible things…

Reading slowly

Should I tell you this blog will be one of the worst ever made ?

I don’t even know if a main line will be followed, I just guess I’ll talk about the books I’m reading, the IT problems I got and resolve or even worst: my life !

I’ve a strange way of reading, I noticed that even if the universe produced by the author becomes very familiar, even if it becomes a nice place where flying to whenever we want… this place stops existing at the end of the book.

I also noticed that one of my favorite moments in books are the long travels. Strange! I feel lucky to live when it takes less then a day to go wherever we want and I enjoy more than all to read the long stories that couldn’t be so long with a mobile phone and airports everywhere.

My conclusion came when reading Musashi, a japonese roman written by Yoshikawa Eiji:

I have to read several books in the same time! that’s the only way to make this universes slow down. It’s was so sad to read many years of a great life in such few days… My favorite moment to switch books became the long journeys between 2 events.

Trust me, that’s was one of the best choices of my life. But it must not be hard to understand that it’s very nice to keep reading a wonderful book 1 month instead of 1 week… I must be like sex: the longer…