When I travel, it’s not about going to as many countries as possible or taking many pictures of the most famous places (millions of others have done that better).
When I travel, it’s about being free, it’s about taking time to meet local people and understanding how they perceive the world.

I have ever been to some foreign countries and french regions:

  • Europe : (Belgium x 3, Spain x 999, Italy x 2, United Kingdom x 3, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland x 2, Norway x3))
  • Asia : Thailand x 2, Vietnam, China x2
  • America : USA, Bolivia
  • Autralasia : Australia, New-Zealand
  • France : Most of the regions by Bicycle or MotorBike
  • Soon : Latin America

Currently I’m living in Australia, I fell in love for Queensland.

And In this blog, I tried to talk about my travels (in French), I hope I will soon write again :

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